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OK, so I have to confess here, this is Todd and I have been sorting out images for this post, Leslie can’t narrow her images down to less thatm and I am trying to narrow that number down to something that is manageable for the blog. So blame all the categories on me 🙂 Here are some of our favorite rings, shoes and bouquets. Unfortunately there are way too many to present them all.  It’s a rough process, usually there is a pattern to our work when we shoot a wedding together, Leslie is amazing with the shoe images, much to my annoyance since I think I tend to like the shoes more than she does lol. I think I have only taken one shoe image that she looked at and then didn’t just take 2 minutes and totally blow me out of the water with hers. While I tend to do better with the ring images, she has taken a better image of a ring than I did on more than one occasion so I am a little behind in this private war of one up-ing  each other. Don’t bother trying to figure out which shoe shot was mine, that was last year, that victory might have to last me for quite awhile I am afraid. I hope you enjoy our selection.

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